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DCAP pilot year in review and plans for 2023
21 December 2022

What’s happened in 2022?

As we approach the end of the year, we are reflecting on the progress the pilot has made and announcing some exciting new developments for 2023.

What’s happened in 2022?

The first 6 pilot assessments took place towards the end of the year and we’re delighted at how successful they have been. Services have been working towards achieving the standards and uploading their documentation to our website. It’s been encouraging to hear how useful services have found the accreditation process and we want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have taken part.

 This is a huge milestone for the pilot, and we want to acknowledge the hard work services have put into submitting evidence. Your input has been invaluable, as you have simultaneously helped us to define the programme and supported better patient care within your own hospitals.

We also got the opportunity to meet many of you at the Diabetes Professional Care conference in November and were overwhelmed by the support and interest from the community. To be amongst those who are as passionate about inpatient diabetes care, was a privilege.


What is DCAP planning for 2023?

The new year will begin with our first DCAP steering group meeting on 17 January where we’ll be delivering a report on our findings from the pilot so far. We’ll also be attending the Diabetes UK Professional Conference in April, where members of the steering group will be presenting on various aspects of inpatient care.

To launch the full programme, a learning event will be held in spring at the Royal College of Physicians’ London office for all those who participated in the pilot. This will give services the opportunity to come together to share learning and promote participation in the accreditation programme. This event will also be open to anyone who is interested in learning more about DCAP.

Finally, we’ll be working on developing some new resources/guidance for services as they get started on their accreditation journey, which will be available on our website in the spring.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the pilot so far, your commitment to improving diabetes inpatient care has been commendable and we look forward to working with you all and developing the full programme in 2023.

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