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DCAP releases progress report
29 February 2024

March 2024

Following DCAP's launch in 2023, we have reported the final findings from the pilot and what these will mean for the programme over the coming months. 

 Some highlights include:

  • To provide clarity, and opportunity for teams to allocate areas of standards to those best placed to complete, the standards have been updated by separating the clinical and operational processes
  • An assessment of staffing will be a key part of the accreditation process, to ensure diabetes teams have access to the specialist expertise required to safely manage the complex needs of people with diabetes in hospital
  • Local diabetes teams are keen to provide high-quality care and develop their service. Demonstrating good lines of communication with senior management teams has now become an important element within the standards
  • One of the key aims of DCAP will be to automate data collection and allow for routine reports to be produced digitally.

You can read the report in full here

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