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Diabetes Care Accreditation Programme
6 April 2022

Launching 7 April 2022

The Royal College of Physicians’ Accreditation Unit, All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group, East of England Diabetes Network and Diabetes UK are working together to deliver a pilot accreditation programme to support improvement in diabetes care in hospitals.

The new Diabetes Care Accreditation Programme (DCAP) aims to improve inpatient care by setting quality standards and measuring how services perform against the standards, through an external peer assessment, thereby driving continuous improvement. The pilots will take place in Wales and the East of England between April and November 2022.

Dr Daniel Flanagan, diabetes consultant based in Plymouth, will lead the programme.

'I’m honoured to be appointed as clinical lead for the new diabetes accreditation programme. We’ve worked in collaboration with Diabetes UK and RCP for a number of years to get the pilot off the ground and it’s been fantastic to see the enthusiasm from the community. I’m also very grateful to the East of England Diabetes Network and All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group for supporting the pilot and look forward to carrying out assessments later in the year and sharing the feedback from the pilot in due course'

Dr John Dean, Improvement Clinical Director at the Royal College of Physicians said, 'As a physician working with patients with diabetes in hospital, we know that care for these people can be improved. I am delighted to launch a new programme of accreditation of inpatient diabetes care, working in collaboration with a number of key stakeholders. We know this can drive improvements in care.'

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